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muscleslut asked:

How many amazing hours have I spent viewing you postings, mostly the longer genre!?! Curious about Tigger66. Willing to explain? Thanks so much for all the pleasure. ms

Namaste Muscleslut very cool to hear that my blog help get you off, what would you like to know about Tigger66?? you can pretty much ask me anything you want to, I’m a very open book as can see by some of the photos I have of myself on here.  hope you have a very awesome day and my real name is Charlespaul 

Cum In My Mouth Scenes 1, 2 & 3 Compilation Lucas Raunch D’Ejacs Faciales Et Buccales & Cum Eating - 27’53 - 28’12 - 28’14 - Blog Mega Sperm


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